Quick info

Tour name: Akureyri Whale Watching Extreme

Duration: 2 hours

Age limit: 10 Years

Physical rating: Moderate


Experience the panoramic view of Akureyri, especially beautiful at night. We will race out the fjord between the mountains, only slowing down momentarily for the spectacular sights on the way. We look out for puffins and other seabirds, and search for whales in the fjord.

On our RIB boats, we have the possibility to cover much more area in the same amount of time, hence making the search for the whales more effective. We have been lucky so far. Last year, we had a 100% sighting rate from June to October. But whales are living beings with a will of their own, so nothing must be taken for granted. Hopefully, we find whales and then linger, giving you an opportunity to enjoy the company of those magnificent creatures and some breathtaking photo-ops.


A two hour trip packed with excitement. Safety overalls are provided. Life vests are provided. Goggles are provided.

What to bring

Gloves and hats are not provided, but warm hats can be bought at our ticket office.

Good to know

We acknowledge that the ocean is a very special place and home to a variety of marine wildlife. No one can determine what wildlife you will encounter. But we guarantee with our speed, networking and experience you'll enjoy the best of what the fjord has to offer at the time of your trip!