The most popular way to get around in Iceland is by car, there are no trains in Iceland so the other options are the buses, flights, taxi or private drivers. The main road in Iceland is called Hringvegurinn or the Ring Road and lies along the coast around the island, except for the Westfjords. It is usually no problem driving the Ring Road and other roads during the summer but the winter months can be more difficult because of the weather. If you are considering renting a car and drive in Iceland click HERE to learn more.

Public bus - Strætó

Apart from the car, buses are probably the second most popular way to get around in Iceland. The public buses in Iceland are called Strætó and you will recognize them by the yellow color. If you are staying in Reykjavík you can buy a 1-3 day city pass. Strætó also travels to the main places around the country and you can check out their schedule HERE. The only downside to taking the bus in Iceland is that it’s quite expensive.

During the summer months (June - mid September), Strætó runs to all major places in Iceland but the service may be limited in the winter due to weather.

Bus companies

There are several bus companies in Iceland that offer day tours to many popular tourist attractions both during the summer and winter.

Iceland on your own
During the summer (June - mid September) few bus companies run their own bus network around the country, including the highland. You can board the buses at any time on the route and buy the ticket online or when boarding the bus. Another way is to buy a bus passport, each passport offers different routes and different places to explore. The passports work as a single ticket for that particular route. Either way offers more flexibility and freedom to your stay in Iceland.

2018 summer schedule and route map for the Bus Passport are available now! Bookings will be available soon - in the meantime send us an email if you have a question - [email protected]


Ferries are popular to travel between some of the islands around Iceland, including the Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar) in the south, Grímsey Island in the north and Flatey Island in the West. It is also possible to take a ferry from Stykkishólmur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in the West to the Westfjords. The schedule for the ferries differ between winter and summer and there are usually more trips during the summer months (June-August).


It is of course possible to take a taxi anywhere you want in Iceland but it is very expensive and we recommend using a rental car or buses instead. The taxis have a yellow taxi sign on the top and if you need one you have to call and order. But there are usually taxis in line at the airport, outside bus stations and downtown that you can take. The taxi runs by the meter and you can pay with cash or credit cards. There is no Uber or Lyft in Iceland.

Private drivers

Many companies offer private tours all over the country where you have your own driver and car. With a private driver you have more flexibility and you can adjust the trip according to your needs and wishes. We can help you find the perfect tour for you whether you’re traveling on a budget or wish to travel with more luxury. For more information give us a call or send us an email. 

Domestic flights

Flying is a great way to get around in Iceland especially during the winter when the roads are sometimes impassable due to weather. The Icelandic flight network is large but it is also quite expensive, so keep that in mind. The main airport for domestic flights in Iceland is Reykjavík Airport and from there you can catch a flight to numerous of destination in Iceland. The airlines that offer scheduled flights from Reykjavík Airport are Air Iceland Connect and Eagle Air.

Air Iceland Connect destinations: Reykjavík, Akureyri, Egilsstadir, Isafjordur, Keflavik, Grimsey, Vopnafjordur, Thorshofn. They also fly to Greenland and Faroe Islands.

Eagle Air destinations: Vestmannaeyjar, Hofn, Husavik, Bildudalur, Gjögur and Saudarkrokur.

Airport shuttles

The Flybus in Keflavík International Airport leaves every 35-40 minutes after arrival of each flight. You can either take the bus to the BSÍ bus terminal or to your hotel in Reykjavík. The trip to Reykjavík takes approximately 45 minutes.