Ingólfshöfði is a 76 meters high cape located on the coastline between Skaftafell and the Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón. Part of the cape goes into the Atlantic Ocean but the other part is located on the Black Sand area of Skeiðarársandur.

The name of the Cape is from the first settler of Iceland Ingólfur Arnarsson (the cape of Ingólfur) but it is believed that he and his family lived on the cape the first winter they stayed in Iceland (874 a.c.) before they moved to Reykjavik and settled down there.

The main rock formation is tuff stone formed during subglacial volcanic eruption.

During summer Ingólfshöfði is the home of many seabirds like the puffin and many others. The view from the cape is amazing along the coastline and the black sand area of Skeiðarársandur but also to the glaciers Öræfajökull and Vatnajökull, it is a unique place with amazing beauty.

To go there it is possible to join a tour and go bird watching at Ingólfshöfði during the summer.