Víðgelmir cave is located in West Iceland about 1 hour drive from the town Borgarnes. The cave is situated in Hallmundarhraun lava field and is the largest cave of its kind in Iceland. Víðgelmir is about 1600 meter long and about 150,000 cubic meters which is the largest in cubic measure in the world. The cave is also rather wide or about 16,5 meters where it is widest and the highest point is about 15,8 meters.

Inside the cave amazing colourful lava formation can be found and deep inside of the cave are icicles and speleothems. Sadly some of these amazing lava formation have been ruined in the past so to protect the cave it is only allowed to visit the cave with guidance. Bones and jewelry were found in the cave in 1993 from the Viking era and it has been protected since.


Víðgelmir is located about 2 hour (138 km) drive from Reykjavík. Take Ring Road nr. 1 towards the town Borgarnes. Before the bridge that leads to the town take road nr 50. and from there it's approximately 1 hour drive to the cave.

It is a nice detour from the Ring Road or a day trip from Reykjavík to visit the cave and if you can’t get enough of caves the Surtshellir cave is located close by. Hraunfoss and Barnafoss waterfalls are also not far away.
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Only available as a guided tour.