Svínafellsjökull glacier is an outlet glacier near Skaftafell, between Skaftafellsjökull glacier and Virkisjökull and Falljökull glaciers. The glacier ice forming Svínafellsjökull is running down from the north west part of Öræfajökull glacier, from around 2000 meters high altitude. Svínafellsjökull is located between two steep mountains, the glacier and the farm below the mountain all have the name Svín (meaning pig) in their names. Svínafellsjökull has like the other glaciers been melting fast for the past years, so now there is a glacier lagoon forming in front of the glacier.

Svínafellsjökull was for many years used for glacier walk tours but now (in spring 218) it was not allowed to go on the glacier anymore because of big crack in the mountain above the glacier. Meaning if the mountain would collapse it would cause a tsunami of ice and water rushing down the glacier and the valley below. People are not allowed to go on the glacier any more and they should stay away from the area in front of the glacier.

Glacier tours booked on Svínafellsjökull are no mostly operated on Falljökull glacier, located close by.