Pétursey (Peters island) is a lonely mountain in the South of Iceland, between Vík and Skógar. The mountain is the only mountain on the south part of the main road on the way from Hveragerði to Vík.

The mountain is about 260 meters high and by the end of last ice age it was most likely an island when the coastline was different from what it is today, mainly because of floods from the volcano Katla for the past 10.000 years bringing lot of sand and dirt, moving the coastline further south. Pétursey formed in a volcanic eruption underneath a thick layer of glacier ice and therefore most of the mountain is made from Tuff stone.

On the south side of Pétursey is the small hill or pyramid Eyjarhóll or the Island hill in English.  

On the north west side is a small cave called Péturseyjarhellir, it was a storage space for a boat built by the farmers living in Pétursey in the year 1855. The boat is now one of the most interesting things you can see in the Museum in Skógar.

There are few farms build around the Pétursey and some of them offer accommodation like Vellir Guesthouse and Vestari-Pétursey cottages.

To hike to the top of the mountain it is best to park your car on the vest side of the mountain by a horse riding field and just try to aim for a good way up the hill from there.