Guðrúnarlaug pool is located in Laugar in Sælingsdalur, in the hill above the hotel. The pool is named after Guðrún Ósvífursdóttir, one of the main character in Laxdæla Saga. Guðrún spend a lot of time in the pool and one story from Laxdæla is about her meeting with Gestur Oddleifson in the pool, where he discussed her dreams and told her that she would be married four times, it came true.

The pool was actually rebuilt in the year 2009 as the original pool was ruined in a mudslide in the 19th century. The new one is a shallow pool made of rocks, with room for 6-8 people and the water is about 42°C. Close to the pool are changing facilities made of turf and rocks, where guests can change clothes.

There are some interesting marked hiking trails in the area that are fun to explore and then it is ideal to relax in the pool after.


The drive from Reykjavík takes about 2 hours and 10 minutes (166km). Take Ring Road nr. 1 from Reykjavík and then turn on road nr. 60. Then turn left on Sælingsdalsveg road nr. 589 that takes you to Laugar.