Eyri is located in Ingólfsfjörður fjord in Strandir region on the Westfjords. A large herring factory was built there that operated from 1942-1952. The remains of the factory and the houses that people lived in are still there, they are all empty but some of them are used for summer houses.

It is very interesting to walk around the ruins and try to imagine how it must have been when the factory was still running and a lot of people working there. It is mind blowing to see how big it was and all the tools that were used for the production. 

The same thing happened to the herring factory at Eyri and the one in Djúpavík, but everything stopped when the herring disappeared from the sea and it looks like one day everyone decided to just walk out and leave everything. (Don’t recommend to visit the factory after dark).


Eyri is located about 5 hours (330 km) from Reykjavík and about 2,5 (100 km) from the village Drangsnes. From the village take road nr. 645 heading North and then road nr. 643 to Árneshreppur. Turn at the farm Melar and drive to Ingólfsfjörður fjord down the hill to Eyri.