The Langanes peninsula located in northeast Iceland between Þistilfjörður, the village Þórshöfn and Bakkaflói bay. Langanes is long and narrow peninsula about 40 km long and about 18 kilometer wide, rocky and grassy with small lakes, ponds and rivers. Foremost part of Langanes is called Fontur there is about 50 to 70 meters high sea-cliff. Lighthouse was first built in Fontur in the year 1910.

Many bird cliffs are on Langanes where many seabirds breed during the summer like Guillemots, Kittiwakes and Fulmars. The highest mountain on the peninsula is called Gunnólfsvíkurfjall, which is about 719 meters high. There is a NATO radar station on the top of the mountain since 1989. Another mountain called Heiðarfjall (266 meter high) is on Langanes, there was a NATO radar station there until 1970.

Skoruvík was the easternmost farm on Langanes and a weather station, it is now deserted. From the farm there is a trail to Skálar. Skálar on Langanes was a fishing village at the beginning of the last century. There were about 120 people living there at that time with about 50 to 60 small fishing boats. There was a military nearby Skálar in the middle of the last century, you can still see some ruins from that base as well as ruins from houses in Skálar. The village was built up there because it was very distance to good fishing grounds which was a great advantage at that time, when boats were small and often with little or no engine.

It is possible to drive a jeep trail in the summer out of Langanes, it's a good day trip driving from Þórshöfn out to Langanes and back, but it is worth it.