Fishing around the Reykjanes peninsula has been practiced for centuries and due to dangerous conditions surrounding the peninsula the lighthouses played an important role in leading the fishermen the right way. The main role of the lighthouses in Iceland is to guide the way, notify sailors about possible danger and lead the way into the ports.

Thirteen lighthouses have been built around Reykjanes peninsula and the first lighthouse to be built in Iceland was built there in 1878. Unfortunately it was destroyed in an earthquake in 1907-1908 but a new one, Reykjanes Lighthouse, was built on Bæjarfell hill. The remains of the old lighthouse can be found north of Valahnúk. The new lighthouse is 26 meters high, cylindrical tower made of rock and concrete.


The drive from Reykjavík to the bridge is about 60 minutes (70km). Take the Reykjanesbraut road (41) and then turn on road nr. 44. On road nr. 425 turn where the sign says Reykjanesviti.