WOW Air starts flights from Dallas Texas to Reykjavik Iceland

Iceland's WOW Air is the first of the international low-cost airlines to start a route from Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport to Reykjavik, Iceland.  WOW Air will celebrate the new flights with $99 one-way fares.  Connecting flights from Reykjavik to will start at $149, including London, Paris, Berlin, Dublin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Copenhagen.  WOW Air is a budget carrier so you have to pay extra to select your seat and check your bags.

DFW International Airport route to Keflavik Airport in Iceland will kick off May 24th.

Dallas is WOW Air's 13th destination in USA.  Other U.S. cities include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Boston, St. Louis, Miami, New York and Washington D.C.

WOW Air Iceland

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