OK in Iceland is not a glacier anymore

Picture: NASA Earth Observatory
Picture: NASA Earth Observatory

The OK is an old volcano in the highlands of west Iceland, nearby the Langjökull glacier on Kaldidalur valley. The volcano has until now been covered with glacier ice but for the past twenty years the ice has been melting fast so now it is almost completely melted and therefore OK loses the glacier title.

OK like all the glaciers here in Iceland has been melting since around 1995 so scientists believe we will have no glaciers in Iceland in around 200 years from now. At the moment glaciers are covering around 10% of Iceland. 

This melting for the past 20 to 30 years is due to climate change instead of snow we have more rain during winter and during the summer we have hotter days meaning the glacier ice is melting faster than before. 

The funeral of OK was in August 2019 when a group of people including Katrín Jakobsdóttir the prime minister of Iceland as well as scientists and people caring about climate change hiked to the top of OK for a memorial ceremony and to remind people that we have to take climate change seriously. 

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