Patreksfjörður is the largest town in the southern part of the Westfjords and is located in a fjord witch has the same name as the town, Patreksfjord. The entrepreneurs Ólafur Jóhannesson and Pétur A. Ólafsson are often called the fathers of the town, but with their constructions in the fishing industry during the early 20th century the town began to grow very fast. Still today the main occupation is fish processing and commercial fishing. Jón úr Vör Jónsson, one of the leading innovators of modernism in Icelandic poetry, was born in Patreksfjordur and grew up there. 

Public service in Patreksfjörður includes church, priesthood, magistrate, health center, hospital, elementary school, industrial school, outdoor swimming pool and a social center. Tourism has been growing in Patreksfjörður but the town is located close to some of the most beautiful nature attractions of the Westfjords like Látrabjarg cliffs, Rauðisandur beach and Dynjandi Waterfall. There is a good outdoor swimming pool, with amazing view over the fjord, in town but just outside the town natural hot pool can be found.

In town you can also find restaurants, cafés, museum, hotels, guesthouses and good camping area.