Raufarhöfn is a small fishing village on the north east coast of Iceland, located in Melrakkaslétta (The Fox plain). It is surrounded by small cliffs and beautiful coastline with a lot of small lagoons and creeks, very flat. Next town to the south is Þórshöfn town about 68 km away and to the southwest is Kóparsker village about 43 kilometers away.

Raufarhöfn had a lot of fishing and fish processing in the past, but now it is a quiet village, the harbor and the harbor area is a nice place to stop by as well as going to Raufarhafnarhöfði where the lighthouse is, from there is a great view over the village and it's surrounding.

In Raufarhöfn you can find a grocery store, as well as health care, hotel and a restaurant. On a hill north of the village you can find Heimskautsgerðið (The Arctic Henge) a site dedicated to Nordic mythology and a sundial. It is still under construction. The area is the perfect place for enjoying the midnight sun on the bright summer nights in Iceland, it is nothing like it to see the sun touch the horizon on a beautiful summer night.