Súðavík is a small village on the Westfjords located about 20 minutes drive from Ísafjörður. In the year 1883 the Norwegians began operating a whaling station at Langeyri and the station was operated for two decades, as well as the whaling station on the Dvergasteinseyri. Today the main industries are aquaculture and fish processing. 

On January 16, 1995 an avalanche flooded Súðavík and 14 people died. After that the villages was moved and built up in a safer area of the fjord but the old village is used for summer houses. There is a memorial in Súðavík of those who lost their life in the flood.

Tourism is a fast growing industry in Súðavík particularly for travelers who want to try sea angling. Súðavík is a great place for families, the town offers good camping area and the family garden, Raggagarður, is a playground for kids with facilities for BBQ. The Arctic Fox Center is an exhibition dedicated to the Icelandic Fox and their way of living. There is also a café there called Rebbakaffi. Súðavík has good accommodation, restaurants, café and a grocery store.