Tálknafjörður is a fjord and a small village located in southern Westfjords between Patreksjörður and Bíldudalur. The village started to form around 1945 when the freezing plant of Tálknafjörður was established, until then no urban area existed, although there was a small village in Bakki. Tálknafjörður is therefore one of the youngest villages in the Westfjords. The reason for a late development of the village can be traced back to how much ice formation there was around the harbor and hard for the wooden boats to break through it. This changed with the arrival of the steel boat and subsequently a pier was built in the harbor.  

For centuries the main occupation of the town was the fisheries and it still is today. Tourism has also been growing and the town now welcomes large groups of tourists every year who come there mostly to try out sea angling. In Tálknafjörður is an elementary school, swimming pool, social center and the church of Tálknafjörður.

Just outside of the village a natural hot pool can be found, it is warm enough to dip in, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature. The pool is called Pollurinn and it is easily found when driving the road from Tálkanafjörður to Laugardalur. There is a small cabin that can be used to change clothes and then there are three tubs with different water temperature. The pool is perfect to watch the sunset or the Northern Lights during the winter!  

Located within the town is also a good outdoor swimming pool with hot tubs. For those who like to stay active various hiking trails can be found on either side of the fjord.

Tálknafjörður also offers guesthouses, good camping ground, restaurant and grocery store.