Is located on the north east part of Iceland, 126 km from Egilsstaðir town, south of Vopnafjörður and Þórshöfn is about 70 km north of Vopnafjörður. Inhabitants are around 680 people. It is located by a bay with the same name as the town. The bay Vopnafjörður (The bay of Vopni) got it name from the settler Eyvindur Vopni.

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Vopnafjörur is like many other towns in Iceland a fishing town. Some of the best salmon fishing rivers in Iceland are located near by Vopnafjörður, the rivers Selá and Hofsá are the most famous. Many celebrities have gone fishing there like, George Bush, Queen Paola of Belgium and Jack Nicklaus.

To the south is a big mountain range, with a mountain road that is possible to drive in the summer, making the road distance between Egilsstaðir and Vopnafjörður much shorter.

The swimming pool in Vopnafjörur is a geothermal pool located in Selárdalur north for the town and Bustarfell historical farm is a place worth visiting. You can find accommodation in Vopnafjörður including Bed & Breakfast, Guesthouses, Cottages and Camping area. There is also a café and a restaurant in town.