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1 hour
Meeting point
On location


The scenery of Fjallsárlón is extremely unique. The biggest glacier in Europe outside the arctic, Vatnajökull towers over the mountains in all its glory. The glacier crawls down a steep slope until it reaches down to the water. At the edge of the glacier, icebergs break off into the lagoon and drift serenely around before melting.

The icebergs are different in size, shape, and hues that make the appearance of each iceberg unique. Wherever you look you can see how the natural forces of the glacier have shaped the landscape. Not only is the glacier constantly sculpting the landscape but also depending on the weather the scenery takes on different forms. This makes each visit to Fjallsárlón a unique individual experience because the scenery is constantly changing.

Sailing besides the glacier and the icebergs is a great memory to take from Iceland and something you should not miss being in the southeast part of Iceland. If you are looking for a memorable activity you should seize the day and do a tour among the icebergs. You will not come across an iceberg lagoon that often!

What to expect?

The tour begins with preparing you and the rest of the group in protective clothing. When it comes to suiting up for the tour it turns out to be a great entertainment for people and a team builder. After suiting up you will be in the hands of your guide. The guide will lead the way down to the lagoon through mossy landscape until you reach the boats. There is then nothing left to do except take off and go an adventure around the lagoon.

The iceberg boat tour is quite private since there are few people in each boat. We operate on Zodiac boats and the maximum number of each boat is 10 people. Using a small boat gives you a chance to go close to the nicest icebergs and to take an interesting route around the icebergs.

The tour is both an adventure and an informational tour where our guides offer unique inside into the history and nature of the area. You will have a great chance to learn interesting things about glaciers and iceberg formation. If you are lucky you will experience when a piece breaks off the edge of the glacier into the lagoon.

What is included

  • Warm floatation jacket
  • Life vest

What do I need to bring

  • Good shoes, walking boots or other good shoes for walking
  • Warm clothes

Good to know

  • Safety is a number one priority and all passengers are provided with a flotation jacket and an inflatable life vest.
  • The boats are used by professionals all around the world, officials and rescue teams and trained staff sail the boats. The company and its service are licensed and supervised by authorities.
  • Age limit: 6 years