Iceland is in many ways an interesting place for birding. Though it does not have many bird species compared to many other places on earth it has a large number of each species so it is very likely that you will see a lot of birds from each species during your stay. Another interesting thing is that during spring and summer the birds are breeding, building nests laying eggs and racing the youngs so there is much going on and everywhere you go there will be a lot of life. At the same time nature here in Iceland is at its best and you will have almost 24 hours of daylight. You get the change to get in touch with nature and if you love taking photos you should be able to get some amazing shots with birds and beautiful nature. 

There are around 75 species of birds who nest in Iceland on a regular basis. Many of these birds come here in spring (April to May) in large numbers. Though Iceland is located in the middle of the North Atlantic ocean and it takes quite a lot of effort to get here if you are a small bird, the island is a good place for nesting and racing the young. There are few predators in Iceland and there is a lot of food both on land and in the ocean around Iceland. So, in general, the perfect place to race a family. 

As pointed out earlier than the location of Iceland in the middle of the Atlantic ocean makes it possible for birds both from Europe and North America to come for a visit. 

Due to climate change, we have been seeing changes in the species that are living here in Iceland. Some that have been here for a long time are leaving but at the same time, we are getting new settlers.