Frozen in Reynisfjara black sand beach in Iceland?

Picture Credit: YouTube - FilmSelect Trailer

Frozen is one of the most popular cartoons in the past years with Princess Elsa as the leading character has now visited Iceland, or what?

In the beginning of the new trailer for Frozen 2, Elsa is located on a black sand beach, dealing with big waves and stormy weather. If you have been in the black sand beach Reynisfjara in South Iceland, nearby the town Vík you can see a strong similarity between the black sand beach in the trailer and Reynisfjara.

In the foreground of the trailer, you can see basalt columns like in Reynisfjara. And in the background behind Elsa is a big cliff similar to the cliff nearby Dyrhólaey on the other end of Reynisfjara black sand beach.

The trailer for Frozen 2 gives you a good idea of the power and the danger you can face if you get too close to the sea there.

As in the trailer, the waves in Reynisfjara can be big and unpredictable and sadly they have caused death to some people visiting the black sand beach. So please respect the power of nature if you visit Reynisfjara, do not go to close to the sea and enjoy the view and the beautiful surrounding in a safe distance.

It will be interesting to see if Reynisfjara will play a big role in the Frozen 2 cartoon or not, but if you are in Iceland or you like to visit Reynisfjara should be on of the places you should stop by to enjoy the best that Iceland has to offer.


You can find some more information about Reynisfjara here 



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