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Now at the end of the first month of the year 2021, we have already seen close to 30 different bird species. Our main area has been the south of Iceland from Reykjavík and east to Vík.  The weather has been great for birding, cold and dry and the days are getting more light every day.  We can say that we are most proud of seeing Snow Goose and Eider King at this point, both b ...

Snow Goose is an annual guest in Iceland. They can usually be seen here in early spring or late autumn. We got the news about two Snow Geese located near Þykkvibær village by the South Coast. Þ

We were looking for Snow Goose seen there two days earlier. We did not have any luck so we went to the lake Holtsós further east. 

King Eider visit Iceland every year from Greenland and Svalbard. Usually late winter but King Eider male sometimes breed with Common Eider female during summer. 

We believe the year 2021 will be a great year for birding in Iceland. Even though we have been birding for many years we have never kept a record about the bird we see. So now is the time. We are going to keep a record and update what we see on a google map so you can follow up with us. Our goal is +100 species of birds for this year, hopefully, we will get a bit more than that. 

There are about 74 types of birds laying their eggs in Iceland every year. So we have to do better than that and follow up with bird passing through Iceland in the spring as well a picking up birds that drop by acceptingly. Hopefully, we will get some nice bird pictures as well. 

A colourful, small and strong duck. Iceland is the only country in Europe where the Harlequin lives. It is mostly staying on small freshwater rivers fighting the current with fast and smooth moves between rocks or down by the coastline surfing. It stays by the coastline on the sea during winter but in summer it finds a nice spot between rocks to lay their eggs and raise the chi ...

Now is the season when spring is around the corner and the birds are returning back to Iceland after staying south for the winter. 

Some of the birds arriving now will stay here for the summer but others will rest here for some time before heading further north to Greenland and Canada. 

Broddanes Hostel is located in a region called Strandir, the coastline on the west side of Hrútafjörður fjord and Húnaflói bay. It reaches all the way north to Hólmavík town by Steingrímsfjordur fjord.  Broddanes is by Kollafjörður fjord about 25 km south of Hólmavík so to get there you can drive directly from Hrútafjörd on Strandavegur no. 68 partly a gravel road but with a b ...

Geosea - Geothermal Sea baths by HúsavíkThe sea baths by Húsavík are a beautiful place to take a bath and relax. The Geosea bath is located on the Húsavíkurhöfði cliff next to the harbour. It gets the geothermal water from bor holes drill by the harbour in the middle of the last century, in the beginning, the water was for heating houses in Húsavík but the water that came from the bor holes was hot seawater meaning it did not work for heating houses because of the chemicals in the water.

The town Húsavík in North East Iceland is the heart of Whale watching in Iceland. The town is located by Skjálfanda bay where some of the biggest glacier rivers like Jökulsá á Fjöllum and Skjálfandafljót flow into the bay providing it with freshwater and minerals. The ocean is full of life and the perfect place for the whales to stay during summer and feast and gather fat for the winter before many of them travel south to warmer sea for giving birth to the calves and racing them there before going north again.