Planning a trip to Iceland

Planning your trip to Iceland during the summer is easy. We help you make your experience unforgettable with some useful information that is good to keep in mind.


Currently we must take into account health regulations and be aware of the country's regulations, fortunately Iceland welcomes vaccinated passengers, and provide facilities to the unvaccinated, for more information visit the official website available in different languages:

The weather in Iceland

The first aspect to take into account is the weather in Iceland, the keyword is: variable. In Iceland we have a saying: "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes", and believe me, it's real. Sometimes we can have all 4 seasons in the same day. Fortunately, the weather during the summer is more stable, but it is better not to take anything for granted and not underestimate Mother Nature when you find yourself on an island in the North Atlantic. You will find detailed information about our weather month by month here.

Blue ice

Being able to visit a blue ice cave is one of the most demanded and most amazing experiences. During the summer the possibility of doing one of these tours is reduced, but possible, since the high temperatures cause more water to circulate inside the glaciers, and that means that most of the caves cannot be visited during the summer months. The caves that can be visited during the summer are always subject to the variability of the climate or the thaw, here you can find the tours.

Northern lights vs. puffins

One of the most attractive points of visiting Iceland is being able to see the northern lights, this is a phenomenon that we can only enjoy during the darkness of winter or autumn, but instead of this, in summer we have infinite hours of daylight and a chance to see the adorable puffins. Puffins live in certain locations around Iceland and are only in the country during the summer season, here you can find more information about where and when to see them.



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