A hike to Fagradals Mountain Volcano

Because at Fun Iceland we love Icelandic nature, we couldn't miss the opportunity to visit the eruption.


Many people ask us: is it safe to visit the eruption? In this case it is an effusive type eruption, which means that it is not explosive, and it does not expel large amounts of ash, and although we must be attentive to the direction of the wind so as not to breathe the gases that it emanates, we have an excellent warning service that warns us on the subject, so by following the rules, this is not a dangerous volcano at all. As we like to call it in Iceland, a "tourist volcano".


The volcanic area is constantly evolving, since new cracks have been opening over the days and the lava flow is constantly changing looking for new paths, that is why the hike routes and the indications are also constantly changing, but even so we can say that the routes defined so far do not present technical difficulties and are quite accessible for people of all ages as long as they are used to walking.

Approaching us, our senses awaken.

Smell: as you get closer to the site of the eruption, all your senses begin to perceive new sensations. The first thing we perceived was through smell, an unknown and indescribable smell, we could say that it smelled of something burning but it would be too simple a definition, you really know that you are very close to a volcano and you understand that the ancient inhabitants of Iceland related the eruptions with the underworld in their mythology.

Sight: you can't believe what you see, is it real? yes, in front of your eyes there are several cracks that have become cones with the passing of days and lava gushes out! it is impossible not to think that all that molten rock you see flying through the air comes from the center of the Earth.

Hearing: the closer we are the more we can hear the Earth roaring powerful, you feel so humbled by the majesty of that sound.

Touch: the sense of touch on our skin is activated when we approach the lava field that is still hot and moving, and although we are quite a few meters away, keeping a safe distance, we can feel its heat on our face, it is a sensation similar to when you open the oven door while cooking.

We were able to stay enjoying the spectacle of Mother Earth for many hours, although you would never have enough to see how nature is creating in front of your eyes. It is an experience that is lived once in a lifetime and it is great to live it intensely with all your senses.



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