Falljökull glacier is an outlet glacier or a glacier tongue coming down from the Öræfajökull glacier. The ice falls down from the west side of Öræfajökull, around 2000 m high. Falljökull glacier is very steep and the ice formation in the icefall can be very beautiful but at the same time dangerous. Falljökull, like other glaciers in Iceland has been melting a lot for the past 20 years, so the glacier is getting smaller and smaller every year.

The word Fall means falling and it describes the glacier well. Next to Falljökull is Virkisjökull glacier and from the glacier runs the river Virkisá a small glacier river. The surrounding of the glacier is beautiful with steep mountains on both sides and the mighty volcano Öræfajökull on top.

There are few glacier tours companies running glacier tours on Falljökull.