Hnappavellir is a farm in the region Öræfi south of the Öræfajökull glacier between Skaftafell and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. In the cliffs below the farm and south of the main road is the best Climbing Area in Iceland where you can find over 100 climbing routes as well as many possibilities for bouldering. The most difficult climbing route in Iceland Opus (scaled 5.13) is located there.

The best time for climbing in Iceland is during summer, from June to September. The surrounding around the cliffs are beautiful with a great view up to the mountains and the Vatnajökull glacier as well as down to the coastline.

The owners of the land there have given climbers permission to use the area for climbing but it's important for those who go there to keep in mind not to leave any trash or other waste behind. It is also possible to find many good accommodations in the area.


Drive from Reykjavik to the town Kirkjubæjarklaustur is about 3 hours on Ring Road nr. 1. From there keep on driving on Ring Road nr. 1 for about 97 km until arriving at Hnappavellir on the left side. 

Note: Do not park or stop the car on the main road! Be careful when turning of the main road, slow down in time and give indicators.
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