Urriðafoss waterfall is located in south Iceland about 20 km east of the town Selfoss. The waterfall flows from the glacier river Þjórsá, the longest and one of the biggest river in Iceland. The waterfall is just around 10 meters high but very powerful.

The water falls down from the Þjórsárhraun lava field one of the largest lava field that have flooded on the earth since the last ice age ended for about ten thousand years ago. The lava field was formed due to a huge volcanic eruption for about 8600 years ago, nearby the Veiðivötn area, about 130 kilometers away from the coastline of Iceland.

In the year 1927 there were plans to build a hydro power plant and connect it to a railway from the waterfall to Reykjavik but that did not happen. Now there are plans to build the hydro power plant nearby the waterfall that will change the water flow in the waterfall in the future.


The waterfall is located about 1 hour drive (70 km) from Reykjavík. Take Ring Road nr. 1 towards the town Selfoss. Drive through the town and after about 15 minutes turn right where the sign says Urriðafoss. Follow the gravel road for a few meters and then there is another sign that says Urriðafoss.
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