Reykjavik City Hall houses the offices of the mayor of Reykjavik and other executive officials. This impressive building was built in 1992 and is located literally on Tjörnin the Reykjavik Pond, in the heart of the city center. Water plays a significant role in the design of the City Hall, surrounding the building, flowing underneath it and seeps down the wall at the entrance. 

A bridge over the pond connects the building from the outside to the ground floor which is open to everyone to visit. The ground floor is called Tjarnarsalur and is a part of an open area of the building where various events are held. There is also a helpful information desk, internet access and a huge 3-D map of Iceland.

As noted above the City Hall is surrounded by the Reykjavik Pond, Tjörnin. The pond is home to many ducks, swans and geese that makes this place very popular among the children who come there with families to feed bread to the birds. Tjörnin is also a great place for photography, with beautifully coloured houses in the background and in the winter when the pond freezes over it gets even more beautiful.