Búlandstindur is one of the most beautiful mountains in Iceland, located about 10 minutes from Djúpivogur in eastern Iceland. The mountain is pyramid shaped and it is believed to be about 8 million years old. It is formed from basaltic strata and many people say that a great energy comes from the mountain.

It is very popular to hike up the mountain that is about 1069 meters high. There is no marked trail though but you can follow the road that lies along Búlandsá river and there might be some climbing in the cliffs at the top of the mountain. It is important to check the weather forecast before hiking the mountain and to bring all necessary equipment, including waterproof clothes, hiking shoes and phone.


Búlandstindur is located about 7 hours (550 km) drive from Reykjavík and about 10 minutes (8 km) from Djúpivogur.