Fish and Chips in Iceland

Fish and Chips is becoming the most popular fast food in Iceland, you can get it almost everywhere, in Reykjavik and all around the countryside as well.  

The good thing about getting fish and chip in Iceland is that you can rely on the ingredients is new and fresh and therefore the taste is good.

One of the best fish and chips places in Iceland can be found on the South coast nearby the famous waterfall Skógafoss.

First impression might not be so good an old red trailer, but the surrounding is nice and you can say it is a special original place to have fresh fish and chips. The place has been running for a couple of years and is now known for good quality and personal service. They have new fresh fish every day as well as making there own secret recipe for the dough.

It is open almost every day normally from 11am to 4pm sometimes longer.

If you pass by and you see the hatch on the trailer is open you should stop by and try the fish and chips there, the dose is good and the price is fair.

A great place to stop by and have a quick lunch meet a local and sit out and enjoy Icelandic nature and weather while eating.

Skogar - Fish & Chips

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