The Írá (Irish River) flows down from the Ystaskálaheiði heath via the splendid Hestafoss waterfall, which falls 30 metres like a delicate veil against the rock. Farther downstream the Írá joins with the Myrká river; both rivers have a number of waterfalls.

The river flows on through a narrow gorge, and finally cascades off the cliff edge in a 30- meter high waterfall, Írárfoss (Irish River Falls). The river is said to derive its name from a certain Ásólfur, one of the early settlers of the region, who was an Irishman and a Christian, while the majority of settlers were pagan Norsemen. The Irishman was forced out by his neighbours.

Írárfoss falls as a compact, powerful stream from the narrow gorge, in a sheltered hollow surrounded by cliffs. The waterfall is an easy walk from the road.


Írárfoss waterfall is located in South Iceland between the towns Hvolsvöllur and Vík. The drive to the waterfall from Reykjavík is about 1 hour and 40 minutes (130 km). Take Ring Road nr. 1 towards the town Hvolsvöllur. After the town drive for about 30 minutes and then turn left on road nr. 246.
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