The history of the Icelandic horse can be traced back to the settlement time in the 10th century when settlers brought their horses to the country, it is believed that the breed originates from the horse stock that existed in Norway during the Viking years. During that time, the settlers were not able to take many horses with them to Iceland, so they choose to take only the best horses and that laid the foundation for the Icelandic horse breed.

The Icelandic horse was originally a mixed breed, but today it is one of the oldest and purebred horse in the world. Compared to other horse breeds the Icelandic horse is considered to have good qualities, he has good temperament and a large personality. He is a small horse, but he is very strong and has great endurance. He is usually very willing, soft in movements and comfortable to ride. Today the Icelandic horse is one of the most popular and versatile riding horses in the world. More than 250,000 Icelandic horses are spread around the world, of which around 40% are in Iceland.

You can find a horse-riding tour all over Iceland, especially around Reykjavik, in South and North Iceland. The tours can vary from 1 hour to a full day tour and you can also combine the tour with other activities.